Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Dutch Aid Policy.

The 4 spearheads of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for bilateral development are security and the legal order, water, food security, and sexual and reproductive health and rights. All are areas in which Dutch businesses, civil society organisations, and knowledge institutions can offer expertise and add special value.

The Dutch development policy confirms the importance of cohesion between developement cooperation and foreign trade. Future measures will enlarge the scope for small and medium-sized enterprises to invest in developing countries, and the forging of new coalitions between companies, NGOs and individuals, such as the coalition combating HIV/AIDS in Africa. A revolving fund of €750 million financed in the years 2014-2016 from the development cooperation budget also reflects the closer connection between foreign trade and development cooperation. Established in collaboration with the business community, this fund will support investments in developing countries, especially by small and medium-sized enterprises. Another fund of €250 million will be established for international security will be set up as a permanent budget to promote peace and crisis management operations for developing countries.

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