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The Platform for Health Insurance for the Poor (HIP) brings together expertise in the field of health care and health insurance in developing countries. Information and knowledge can be shared through the platform and organisations meet to cooperate with each other.


The idea for a Dutch health insurance platform was launched during a workshop on health insurance in developing countries organised by three co-financing organisations: Cordaid, ICCO and Plan Netherlands, and the Dutch governmental Directorate General for International Cooperation (DGIS) on the 27th June 2006. The idea of the platform was based upon two simple observations shared by the large majority of those present at the workshop:

  • Health insurance derives from a need for health care services. In various forms, health insurance is emerging in low and middle income countries as an instrument to increase access to and the sustainability of quality health services, and ultimately health. This includes initiatives targeted at low income households, the informally employed, and those with traditionally no access to such financial services.
  • The Netherlands has a well developed health insurance market history and has both a wide and deep pool of relevant expertise and experience of governments, enterprises and organisations wishing to explore the possibilities of health insurance.

A platform is then a means to collect and disseminate that experience and knowledge on a voluntary basis.

The objectives

The objectives of the Platform are:

  • To stimulate collaboration between Dutch organizations and individuals involved in supporting the development of effective health insurance in low and middle income countries;
  • To collect, disseminate and exchange information and knowledge on all aspects of health insurance in low and low-middle income countries;
  • To contribute to research and an evidence base for health insurance innovation in developing countries and link to other relevant research initiatives and platforms worldwide;
  • To contribute to policy development in the Netherlands on health insurance in developing countries.


The Presidency and Secretariat of HIP rotates every two years. The Royal Tropical Institute is currently holding the presidency (2014- 2015), preceded by Ecorys Netherlands (2011 and Cordaid (2006-2009).

HIP Core Group

HIP organises bi-monthly Core Group meetings. The Core Group consists of themember organisations that are closely involved in the platform’s activities. Members of the Platform play an active role in developing and promoting knowledge with respect to health insurance operations, sharing findings from research and practices.

HIP Network

The HIP Network has about 150 members, organisations and individuals from the public and private sector, which all share an interest in health insurance in developing countries. Members are invited to the quarterly HIP seminars and are also informed about relevant events and publications.

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